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Mickey gets torn between his relationships with Ian and his Russian wife until he succumbs to Ian's demands.

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In an effort to raise money for Frank's surgery, Samantha decides to scam money by selling Sheila's house for cash with the aid of Carl.

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67 Thoughts I Had Watching 'Shameless' Season Five

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Waking up periodically, Fiona regains coherence in a gas station in Sheboygan, WI, as the people she was riding with strand her there.

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Much of the beginning is hopeful: Fiona is getting past the disappearance of Jimmy and is adjusting to her new job at Worldwide Cup, making good money, all and all while dating her boss, Mike.

Description: Mickey, who is angered by how little his wife is being paid, tells her and all the other prostitutes not to work until they are paid more by their employer.


  1. A sad as it is for us, we should be happy for her. She's given us a lot of fap material over the years.